In search of inspiration or hard-won strategies for improving student learning? A 10-minute video may hold some answers for educators. TED Talks are short, informative, and often eye-opening talks given by leaders in their fields addressing all kinds of challenges. Many TED Talks are given by leading educators, or at least have important messages related to the field of education.

Math, English, science, history: these often represent the core subjects students are taught in grade school. But John McWhorter makes a persuasive argument for adding foreign languages to the list. The linguist and Columbia professor outlines four huge benefits that students — or anyone willing to learn — will reap when they learn a new language. From highlighting the delight in learning a “funny sounding” language to revealing the incredible effects language learning has on warding off certain medical conditions, McWhorter’s TED talk is a powerful reminder of the importance of words, no matter what language they’re spoken in.



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